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You are cordially invited to join Dr. Ali Birra as he celebrates his 50th anniversary in Oromo music industry. Please mark your calendar to celebrate this great occasion of Golden Jubilee anniversary of our dearest legend …

Looking forward to celebrate the joyous juncture of this great Oromo son.


A new release of Ali Birra's old music
is in the market.


It is released by Buda Musique, a French based and internationally acclaimed music company for putting african music in the world map. Will be available on website, itunes , American and Canadian music stores. For more information check



A man returns: An audience with Oromo legend Ali Birra

By Andreas Hansen for Addis Rumble, all rights reserved.


The rumours of Ali Birra’s death have been greatly exaggerated. During his career, Ali has not only been jailed dozens of times. He has also been reported death more than once. First in the mid-70’s when the authorities in his home town of Dire Dawa told Ali’s father to travel to Addis Ababa to collect the corpse of his son. The father found Ali sleeping in hotel, rather hung over from the previous night’s performance, but still very much alive. In the past decade, the rumours of Ali’s death surfaced again and in 2009 he was announced dead on Wikipedia. In late 2012 in Addis Ababa, I met Ali – still alive and thriving – and he told me that the untimely obituaries and imprisonments are the price he has had to pay for playing Oromo music and promoting Oromo culture.

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